Systems That Give You Total Control

Multi Room systems enable your AV equipment to be positioned in a central location and distributed around your home to multiple viewing and listening rooms, centralised AV systems simplify entertainment in the home.
Accessing your movies and music has never been easier, with all your collections stored in a central location you are able to sit back and relax whilst selecting which movie to watch. With intuitive menus and control via a bespoke Ipad app you are able to see your collections on your TV screen either with cover art or in alphabetical, actor or genre order.
Not yet finished your viewing but would like to finish it off in the bedroom, at the touch of a button you are able to switch your location and the source you are currently watching will appear in your new location.
For the Music lover, you can access all your music collection and listen to it in one location whilst at the same time other family members can be listening to what they want elsewhere in the home. When you are entertaining you are able to broadcast the same music to all of the audio zones in your home creating a real party atmosphere, each zone can be set at different volumes allowing at least one zone where you can talk with your guests.

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