Sit Back & Relax

Submerge your senses into a thrilling cinema experience that will bring the movie to life, with high definition images projected on to your large format screen. Don't just see and hear the movie feel it through our 4D motion actuators.
Don't panic Sir we can also design 'Wife Friendly' discreet cinema rooms that don't interfere with the fluffy cushions. At the press of a button your 007 cinema room fires in to action, room lights start to dim the curtains are drawn;
the large in ceiling cinema screen rolls down just has the projector fires up the movie collection on your integrated server.
The speakers and subwoofers can also be hidden away or be part of your room's decoration pretending to be a decorative picture all that's left now is to sit back with your popcorn enjoy the movie and 'Don't get any crumbs on the carpet'.

Improve Your Home With Our 6 Simple Steps

The Process