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The UK Government made a decision some time ago to equip all state schools with interactive technology to assist in pupils' understanding, and aid teachers in that process. The corporate sectors have now started to adopt this technology and use it wherever ‘interaction’ helps learning or increases productivity.

There are many types of interactive technology available:

LCD Interactive Touch Screens

LCD Interactive Touch Screens allow a presenter to manipulate and annotate over computer presentations & images, and to collaborate in multiple places at the same time (Data Conferencing), while having the image(s) displayed on a large screen (or screens). LCD Interactive Screens are particularly useful where large groups of people need to view images whilst interaction takes place (audience Q&A sessions, training, R&D etc).

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards offer the same functionality as interactive touch screens. However, the image on the board is created by a projector, thus the interactive whiteboard is also a projector screen. Interactive whiteboards are available in various sizes and aspect ratios.

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